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Our Projects

  • BPHS-SEHAT in Badakshan

    Implementation of BPHS project in Badakhshan province: CAF is the lead BPHS
    implementer in a joint venture form with a local partner in Badakhshan province since July
    2015. Total of 44 HFs (1 district hospital, 2 CHC+, 5 CHC, 19 BHCs, and 17 SHCs) and 270 
    HPs (254 female and 263 male CHWs) are functional and providing BPHS services under
    SEHAT II/MOPH trust fund contract in Badakhshan cluster 1. Total of 1,205,174 beneficiaries received public health services through active HFs and HPs in the province during&nb...

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  • BPHS-SEHAT in Logar

    Implementation of BPHS project in Logar province: CAF is the lead BPHS implementer in a joint venture form with a local partner in Logar province since Jan 2014. Total of 40 HFs (2 district hospitals, 2 CHC+, 6 CHCs, 18 BHCs, 1 prison health and 11 SHCs) and 202 HPs (163
    female and 202 male CHWs) are functional and providing BPHS services under SEHAT/MOPH trust fund contract in Logar province. Total of 1,019,693 beneficiaries received public health services through active HFs and HPs in the province&nbs...

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  • BPHS -SEHAT in Kunduz

    Implementation of BPHS project in Kunduz province: CAF is the BPHS implementer in
    Kunduz province since 2007. Currently, CAF is implementing BPHS in total of 65 HFs (1
    district hospitals, 2 CHC+, 12 CHC, 29 BHCs, 1 prison health, 1 MHTs and 20 SHCs) and 434
    HPs (864 CHWs) under SEHAT/MOPH trust fund contract in Kunduz province. CAF is in joint
    venture partnership model with SCI in this project. Total of 1,188,867 beneficiaries received
    public health services through active HFs in the province during the year. The figure translate

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  • EPHS Project Daikundi

    Implementation of EPHS project in Daikundi province: CAF is the lead EPHS implementer
    in Daikundi province since Jan 2014. Currently, CAF is implementing EPHS in Nilli provincial
    hospital and community based health programs in 13 HPs (26 CHWs) under SEHAT/WB/MOPH contract in Daikundi province. Total of 81,082 beneficiaries received hospital services through Nilli provincial hospital in the province during the year. In addition, total of 7,225  of
    patients admitted in the hospital, which is 9% of all outpatients&rs...

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