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CAF Background

Care of Afghan families (CAF) is a non-governmental, non-political, not for profit and independent Humanitarian organization. The organization has been established in Kabul and registered in Ministry of Planning of Islamic Transitional Government of Afghanistan on January 9, 2003 with Registration No 946. The Organization is reregistered with Ministry of Economy with Registration No. 68 dated September 29, 2005. CAF is also registered with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and is one of the main partners of MoPH in the implementation of the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) and other vertical health and nutrition projects. CAF as per its strategic planning as worked and implemented various projects in Health, Nutrition, Community Development, Education & research and women and youth empowerment in different provinces of Afghanistan such as Kabul, Parwan, Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, Faryab, Logar, Paktia, Daikundi, Nangarhar, Laghman and Kandahar provinces.

CAF is governed by its board of trustees comprised of dedicated volunteer members, and its board of management consists of high-level staff with postgraduate-education from prestigious institutions. They have years of experience in leadership and management positions and master public health, financial management, community development and conservation, environmental health, and nutrition from prestigious international academic institutions. The organization has a specific capacity to develop highly qualified and committed staff to ensure the projects’ effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. Moreover, the organization has an effective financial management system, policies, procedures, and internal control system in-line with the financial management ethical principles, International Accounting Standards (IASs), and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We aim to ensure core values of accountability, transparency, and integrity in all our conduct.



CAF respects all laws and regulations of the Government of Afghanistan, especially the Non- governmental organization rule. Furthermore, CAF is an implementing partner of various donors’ funding; respect all the various donors’ rules and regulation. To perform its humanitarian and development duties, the organization strictly respects the following principles:

  • Independency: As real and 100 % independence is impossible in practice, for CAF, independence means to keep the policy of interdependency with the stakeholders and partners with performing all its activities in light of the organization’s overall goal.
  • Non-political: the organization doesn’t support any political party. But CAF will explain the cause of diseases and infirmities to the families even if it is injustice and wrong political decisions.
  • Equity: CAF is against all kinds of discrimination and performs its service on the basis of equity, which considers the need of families and the population.
  • Professionalism: in order to have efficient and good quality services, the organization performs all processes of management of its projects with professional standards.
  • Transparency and accountability: the organization is ready to give reliable information regarding the management of its budget and projects to related organizations and the government.


  1. Accountability and transparency: Able to provide evidences and proves for use of organization’s resources.
  2. Equity and integrity: Being honest and respect others rights.
  3. Professionalism: Having required qualifications and using it in performing a job.
  4. Efficiency: Using resources economically and reasonably to deliver effective outputs.
  5. Innovation: Applying new methods to deliver better services.
  6. Neutrality: CAF provides services considering neutrality.

AIM OF THE ORGANIZATION: The aim of the organization is to improve the quality of life and living conditions among Afghan families.

MISSION: The mission of CAF is to enable families to fight against poverty, injustice and unawareness.

CAF VISION: The vision of CAF is “Self-reliant, aware and healthy Afghan Families”.

Nineteen years of experience in health service (BPHS & EPHS) provision and other projects implementations has further improved the organization’s capacity to realize its mission – empowering the families and communities to fight against poverty, injustice and unawareness and deeply strengthened its understanding of the local context and network with relevant communities.  CAF has received several appreciation certificates from MSH, community leaders, MoPH, development partners, MoE and MoF which is witness of its satisfactory performance.

The official address of the organization is: House # 2194, Street 7th, District 10th, Qala E-Fatullah Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan

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